Monday, August 8, 2016

The Future of this Blog (By T)

Ahh, The Halloween Horror Blog... A place of wisdom and hotdog stand. This blog was started in 2009 by my brother, John. Most posts are from him and so far, now two are from me. Two authors on this blog now. How many more could there be? The Halloween Horror Blog could end up having a whole team of writers. Reviews, expectations, video games and the occasional random post like this. These are what make this The Halloween Horror Blog. For 7 years, now, this blog has made quite a lot of remarks. From horror movie remakes to how to survive the appocolypse, this blog has made quite a lot of views. (Much more than the views made by my old closed-down blog.) That's why the future of this blog is brighter than ever right now. I know this post has nothing to do with what this blog is about, but we need to start thinking about the future of The Halloween Horror Blog. This blog needs to get as big as it can get, as many posts as possible, as many years as it needs. This blog will be the king of Blogger someday, and we need to be prepared for when it is. 

The Halloween Horror Blog
7 Years Of Fright

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