Friday, November 4, 2011

Zombie Appocalypse: Fiction or your Government's best firend?

On the heels of what might be drastic financial disaster for Europe, and Greece more severely, the world economy is rougher than ever. The US was downgraded as a whole in our credit rating for failing to pay its debt on time and balance the national budget in a timely manner, rising unemployment, rampant inflation, European markets crashing, disgusting poverty numbers world wide, numerous countries revolting and staring over. Things seem as unsure and shaky as ever, but there's two things that always seem to offset this 90% of the time... War, and disease.

There's mounds of sound, economic data that proves that any country with a failing economy can rapidly generate revenue, create jobs, decrease inflation and generally "right the sinking ship". For brief example, WWII helped to bring The Great Depression of the late 1930's to an end, and usher in a new age of prosperity. Disease works in quite the same way, but with different variables. When faced with an impending epidemic, it causes panic. It causes people's fear responses to impulsively spend what they can at whatever the cost on OTC medicines, vaccinations, doctors office visits, prescriptions, hospital stays, and anything they think will help ward off the pandemic. It forces people to spend at any cost, and those individuals and companies rake in profit and, in turn, provide much needed revenue for the federal government as well. Take for instance SARS, Bird Flu, AIDS, Influenza.

Now, to the juicy part (No pun intended!lol). If you had read my previous blog detailing all of the plausible real life scenarios in which a zombie could be created, you'll know what I'm about to refer to and inference, if not go back and read it, then read the rest of this. Go ahead, I'll wait...

Imagine this: With the US facing its toughest economic times since before the Clinton administration, and with Syria recently ousting its tyrannical leader, the late Moamar Ghadaffi (sic?), both are more vulnerable than ever, economically. With the vast majority of the middle east not being such huge fans of ours, and terrorism running rampant, many seek to control bigger countries in order to take "shots" at ours. With election season right around the corner, our new found friendly relations with Syria and the known corruption and back-room deals our own government is known for, talks commence between the candidates and those other elements take place. Both seek favors to meet various means. A deal is stricken for the top scientists in the world to work on zombifying virus of just a small scale with back up doses of antidote. Both US and Syria would infect a small portion of the population with said virus, claiming both to be terrorist attacks on their respective countries (With Al Quaeda being the scapegoat). Perspective leaders will use this to their own advantage to gain their position, however only prolonging and prohibiting any action to be taken to help stop the spread, and in the process, creating hoards of undead zombies. As chaos ensues, and the death toll rises and the hoards get bigger, the military, or whats left of it is sent in to create "safe zones" and find survivors.

As the population dwindles in both affected countries, and survivors are less and less, time passes and eventually and the corpses start to deteriorate past the point of being able to operate and harm others. The military are ordered to start rounding up any zombies left, and destroy the remains of the previously dead zombies, as not only to destroy any evidence of wrong doing, but prevent any recurrence of the disease, by burning, pulverizing and burying the remains. The only strategically remaining political candidate emerges and under emergency declarations amends the constitution's election amendments to his favor and and assumes the role of president/ruler, and declares war on the terrorists (Sound familiar?)

You might be thinking '"Well, how does it all fit?" A: Try paying better attention, and B: I'll explain. The massive death toll, would leave hundreds of jobs open for the taking, leaving the unemployment to plummet drastically to the lowest its been ever. The damage to homes and buildings means tons of money would be made in the rebuilding process. Foreign aid will pour in as threats of the disease carrying overseas, and not getting any aid money themselves from us will send the western world into a spending frenzy here. Trade values will skyrocket and ports will become even more valuable, and the war effort will drum up spending, and create more jobs to circulate more money.

In summary, just because you think you can trust your government, doesn't mean they won't try and sell you up the river for an easy dime. Like the saying goes "Absolute power corrupts, absolutely". Politicians will do anything and everything under the sun to keep their money and power, and will fight tooth and nail to obtain and keep it, Plan on being a zombie someday. It can happen, and sooner than you'd think.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Its Wrestlemania Season Folks!"

"Its Wrestlemania Season Folks!"

Well, its that time again, for number 27. The spectacle that rivals the Superbowl, and is almost always better (Atleast in the last 10 years or so it has IMO), is gearing up to be... well, pretty damn boring! This its not just because of Justin Beiber, though that's a good dose of unwatchable right there, but a perfect storm if you will of rushed matches, undue hype, jumbled and confusing storylines, and failure to live up to the swerves they threw at us too early.

Up first, John Cena vs. The Miz for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. You've got Mister goody-two-shoes, vs Mister untalented annoyance. This very rushed storyline still really has no point in being. I assume it comes from all the times Cena attempted to help Jerry Lawler in his matches against the Miz, but is still unwarranted. And, as far as I'm concerned, Cena has some unfinished business with a returning Rock, that carries more importance than the Miz. I also feel that the Miz still has some unfinished business with 'The King" as well, would make a more interesting match if it were King vs Miz w/Michael Cole as the guest referee. Quite the unflattering storyline and feud to have the WWE championship contested for in, but well, its the WWE were talking about here.

Next, Randy Orton vs CM Punk. The only match on this card that should be entertaining, and has a viable, coherent, and interesting storyline to it. For weeks since CM Punk took control of the Nexus, they have been consistently tormenting Randy Orton and running interference during matches, and beating him down, with Orton looking uber face, and Punk and Nexus getting more heat than anyone else around. Granted, they still really haven't finished the prior, parallel running fued between Punk and Cena, with Punk promising to expose and rid the WWE of John Cena, but still, I'd rather see the Orton fued over the simple spilling of a Diet soda.

The midcard bout, Alberto Del Rio vs Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship. Don't get me wrong, this has potential top be a solid match and just what should be sitting in the middle of a Wrestlemania, but it really has no back story to it, other than the Miz talking Del Rio into it. Real way to start a feud. I'm much rather see Edge vs Ziggler again, atleast there is some semblance of back story and hatred there, though I feel he'll be added to the match at some point. Again, nice way of making a title look strong when you have have your #1 contender talked into to even competing for it in the first place.

Next, Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole. Now the storyline between them is great, and has made for some great TV moments lately, especially on the 2/21/11 Raw, but honestly, it won't be that great of a match. You've got one retired wrestler, who's been wrestling, and keeping up with and looking good against a kid half his age, vs a noodle of a man, who's never done anything but talk on a microphone and read emails from a computer screen his entire career. Its not gonna be a clinic or an actual match per say, and will have to have some interference, but will be a good end to Jerry's in-ring career, and hopefully end Cole's heel turn, as he gets increasingly hard to listen to each week, and is getting even more annoying. Potential for a few really good highlights, but nothing more.

Lastly, The Undertaker vs Triple H. Now this is the most confusing and cobbed together storyline I've ever seen WWE put out. You have Undertaker, fresh off of being buried alive by the Nexus during a Buried Alive match with Kane, and Triple H, just returning after being injured at the hand of Sheamus, who has been constantly gloating about the fact he ended H's career. Well, now with the feud happening, you can now just count both the Nexus' actions and Sheamus' actions as some sort of dream, that never really happened, as it renders both their previous feuds null and void. I honestly can't see them returning to them, as there would be no point to it as it would be way too late, and would not carry any interest. Then there's the little fact that for weeks, they teased the first time WWE appearance of "The Icon" Sting (Formerly of WCW and most recently TNA), and a possible return of Brock Lesnar, and a possible fued between either combatant and the Undertaker, though it hasn't come to fruition. Apparently the match will be for the Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania (Implied, as there were no words spoken in a very awkward and lame promo on 2/21/11, when they both returned from injury), to avenge Shawn Michaels' forced retirement at the hands of the Undertaker just one year ago at the event. It has also been rumored that Triple will put his career on the line, and Shawn will be the ref for the match, but nothing has been said yet. For all the hype this was given, one has to wonder if A: Due to Undertaker's very frail appearance this Monday, if he'll be able to put on a good show, and B: Will people still be interested in it, given the two other possibilities that were teased and hyped. I don't know what to think honestly, but I think they missed a good chance to give us a huge surprise, and offered something the we all should have seen coming.

I will still watch the show, and order it on PPV, but will the guilt set once it starts to set it that I wasted $60 on something that didn't live up to expectation? Sure, but I have to see it first. I think they missed alot of chances to make even these matches interesting (Turning Cena heel, more coherent and better planned storylines, the signing and inclusion of Sting), but it is what it is. Personally, I think there's on match they could have had, and probably still could add to the card to liven things up, and that would be Diesel vs Bigshow. They had a huge stare down at the Rumble, after Diesel was unceremoniously eliminated, and would be a great opener, with a great nostalgic feel considering their history together. I think Vice has a few tricks up his sleeve left this year that he's holding very close to his chest, but I don't think they will make an immediate difference.